Why are we the best choice?

MagTec has a globally integrated network to provide fast, reliable and consistently high quality products at competitive prices. We are a leading supplier of Commodity Plastics, Engineering Plastics, High-performance Plastics and furthermore. MagTec aims to provide excellent service and meet our client´s specific demands.

MagTec Stands out with:

  • Marketing and distribution channels with global manufacturers in US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East;
  • A modern management infrastructure with offices in Miami, Beijing, Guadalajara, São Paulo and Fortaleza, in addition to a highly qualified staff, allows us to meet and exceed the expectations and demands of a constantly moving and growing market.
  • State-of-the-art Distribution centers in Miami, Houston, Newark, Savannah, South Caroline, Seattle, Los Angeles, among others;
  • Financial, Logistic and Operational solutions to clients

“Working with efficiency, respecting deadlines and always keeping in mind our client´s expectations and demands is of utmost importance to us.”

How We Do IT 2

How we do it

Professional team dedicated to providing the best solutions for our clients, specialized in understanding customer needs and suggesting options considering quality, cost and efficiency.  With the support of our global partners we can assist our clients with technical assistance for project development, grade specification, regulatory, testing, process improvement as well as providing logistics and financial solutions.

“ MagTec takes a global view of its customer’s and integrates employees, business process’, technology and customers to establish excellent planning, positioning and success. ”