MagTec is a strategic distribution partner with a core competency in strategically sourcing plastic resins, equipment’s for the industrial segment and paper products. Technical sales team located in Brazil, Mexico, and Canada focused on supplying engineered plastics and plastic compounds.

With procurement offices in China, USA and Brazil, the Company is able to use its purchase network to access several different countries in Asia, Europe and Middle East and obtain competitive quotes for projects offered by customers. The Company is competitive with global peers in procurement intelligence, technical support, compliance, logistics and financial services

Consistently achieving growth as a critical supply chain partner with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (“OEMs”) and molders through technical support and logistical operations. Currently, the Company serves the consumer electrical/electronics end-market and is poised to expand into automotive, pharma/medical and packaging.

MagTec Overview

Since 2001, MagTec has significant exposure in the US, Mexico, Central America, and South American becoming a trusted partner
for marketing, financing and distributing product for suppliers
Heavy focus on logistical services like warehousing and shipping, also acts as a source of capital for food and paper
manufacturers, providing capital for distribution of its customer’s products Global view of suppliers and customers businesses to
be an a value-add and critical supply chain component

Value Added Services

Distribution new


  • Sophisticated network of distribution channels serving paper throughout US, Central America and South America.
  • Global database of customers and vendors to provide a world class web of distribution.
  • MagTec staff is fluent in Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and English


  • Experienced in providing logistical services for paper
    manufacturers, warehouses are humidity and temperature controlled
  • Offer international services in supply chain logistics, transportation, inventory, warehousing and managing customer products


  • MagTec offers financing for vendors without upfront fees to expedite process of getting products to the appropriate distribution channels in order to deliver to the customer.
  • Thrive on outstanding service and exceptional quality by financing vendor relationship.


  • Provide highly effective global marketing servicesm to both the domestic market in the US and to a wide variety of international markets
  • Super markets carrying MagTec products: WalMart, SP Richards,
    Costco, Sams’ Club, Publix, Winn Dixie, Bravo, Pricechoice, Fiesta, and Navarro Pharmacy Discount


  • Professional team dedicated to providing the best solutions for our clients, specialized in understanding customer needs and suggesting
    options for quality, cost with the support of our global partners we can assist our clients in the development of resin commodities, engineering materials, compounds and blends


  • Markets and distributes for publishing and newsprint.
  • Include natural kraft, bleached kraft, kraft linerboard, white top, carton board, corrugated board, and food wrapping paper.
  • Market and distribute bond paper, cut size paper and offset paper.

Industrial Equipment

  • Magtec works in design and manufacturing equipment utilized in industrial assemblies. From manual to fully automated systems, Magtec offers complete solutions in robot, assembly machine, laser machine, heat staking, heat sealing, degating, date coding, decorating and inserting applications. Machines and completely automated systems for solving your industrial manufacturing problems.

Flexible Package

  • Magtec Corporation is exclusive Importer in USA and Master Distributor of Packing Group, the largest group of companies producing flexible plastic packaging in Latin America. With 8 plants and present in all regions of the country, Packing Group produces more than 200,000 tons/year, exporting to the entire American and European continent.


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